Leicester City midfielder Adrien Silva continues to be named in the headlines from the Portuguese press, where there are several claims that the player could return to Sporting.

Presidential candidate José Maria Ricciardi has been insisting that he has an agreement with the player in case he gets elected, even though Adrien has already denied it.

And this Thursday, it’s Marco Caneira who tries to confirm the deal. The former player was chosen to be the ‘controller’ in case Ricciardi wins the elections, and has backed up the candidate when asked about this Adrien story.

“My only comment is that everything Dr. Ricciardi said about this is true. He’s a player who has the right profile for the club,” Caneira told O Jogo.

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“Our key point is to rescue athletes with Sporting DNA. Adrien is only the first and more will come. Besides quality, they are necessary for the group, for the joy and transmission of values. Many of these athletes did not even want to leave and only left in an unfavorable situation.”

This isn’t the first time Marco Caneira insists on this deal. He had already spoken to O Jogo on Wednesday, and said the negotiations were on, regardless of Adrien’s denial.

All this situation should clearly make Adrien unsatisfied with the way the campaign is treating his talks, and we keep wondering if he won’t give up on this deal very soon.