Since José Mourinho was announced as Manchester United’s new manager, the level of players linked with a move to the club has gone up a notch.

The arrivals of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan (soon) have gone on to emphasise the attraction the Portuguese manager has for players, and the big talk of Paul Pogba possibly arriving only adds to this aura.

Yet there is a feeling Juventus won’t want their star player to leave this summer, and who’s to say Pogba wants to return to the club he so quickly departed back in the day?

Having already gift wrapped two players for the Special One, it seems Mino Raiola has a hefty task if he wants do the same with Pogba, and the club might end up turning to Jorge Mendes for their midfielder if things don’t go to plan.

Sport on Tuesday claim the super agent is desperate to move Saúl, one of his prized assets, to the Premier League, meaning a club would need to trigger his €80m (£67.8m) release clause.

Considering the level of the Spaniard’s performances last season, most would argue such a sum would be worth it, but does Saúl, who has just signed a new contract with Atlético Madrid, want to leave his current club?

The answer to that is ‘not really’, but considering Mendes owns 40% of the player through his company called ‘Quality Football’, it’s in the agent’s best interest to get him sold.

Saúl would apparently only consider offers where his destination would guarantee titles and where the salary would be considerably better than what he is currently on in Madrid, which means he’ll probably wait until next year.

Mendes is said to be pushing Premier League club, like Manchester United and Chelsea, towards a transfer for his starlet, but without any success so far.

It’s worth noting Sport take some joy in stirring the business of Madrid clubs, so while there is undoubtedly a benefit for Mendes to sell Saúl, the extent of his actions could also be greatly exaggerated by the Catalan newspaper.