Liverpool throw-in coach Thomas Grönnemark has predicted he could be at Manchester United or Tottenham next season as recognition for his work continues to grow.

Grönnemark was appointed by Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp back in August 2018 as the German looked to add another dimension to his side’s game.

Reports at the time indicated that Klopp had identified a need to improve his side’s ability after deducing they were squandering possession too often from them.

He subsequently approached Grönnemark to work as a specialist coach in that area and bring the secrets of his work to Anfield.

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At the time his appointment was widely mocked, but in the 18 months since, Liverpool have shown drastic improvement in that area.

That has led to a broader recognition of Grönnemark’s work, and he believes it could lead him to the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham next season.

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll be with Tottenham or Manchester United next year, as I’m not tied down as a freelancer,” he told Kicker.

“I’m just not allowed to be a direct competitor in any one season, that’s my rule. That’s why I have already turned down a top offer from England this season.

“But I would very much like to prove myself in Germany. I don’t know of anyone who does it professionally like I do.

“But of course more and more people are recognising the potential, and now some co-trainers are looking into the subject.”