Almost every day there’s now an article in Belgium voicing worry and suspicion over the situation of Toby Alderweireld at Tottenham.

Despite Mauricio Pochettino’s insistence that Alderweireld being out of the team is nothing to do with his contract situation, few in the Belgian media seem ready to believe that.

On Sunday, DH take a different route to most of the Belgian slants. It’s stated that Pochettino keeping Alderweireld out of the team is ‘insanity’ considering how important the defender has been for Tottenham.

But DH are ready to take Pochettino at his word, and worry that if it is down to Alderweireld’s current level in training, what impact that can have on the Belgium national team this summer.

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With a headline reading ‘We must save the soldier Alderweireld’, DH say if things continue this way, the footballer is likely to need some games to get himself up to speed for the World Cup, and could start the tournament somewhat rusty.

There’s no indication of how Belgium can save their ‘soldier’, but perhaps the stance in the country is now changing from pointing the finger at Pochettino, to worrying about what the implications of the situation will be.