Ezequiel Schelotto was never a very important player at Sporting, nor a fan favourite, but his departure from the club to move to Brighton & Hove Albion this summer seems to have been pretty traumatic.

We’ve already covered a couple of interviews in which the player spoke as if he was still in Lisbon, and now he opened himself when speaking to newspaper Correio da Manhã this weekend.

The Argentine has given a long interview regarding the mistreatment he got from manager Jorge Jesus, and the hard times he’s been through when told to train separately.

But Brighton were also brought into the conversation, as the player spoke a little bit about his arrival, since it’s been two months since the move.

“I’m very happy to have arrived to the best league in the world,” Schelotto told Record. “I’m adapting to British culture and customs. It’s been great because the managers, the coaches and my colleagues have been concerned with helping me with the adaptation, I’m already learning English.”

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“The company of my wife and daughter is crucial here because we only train in the morning and I can spend the rest of the day with them in the beautiful city of Brighton. Being with those we love the most, especially in these early stages, is very important.”

On that generic question about the differences between Portuguese and English football, the player said: “In England, football is very physical and the result is always open until the last minute, so we have to be very attentive to every aspect of the game.

“All the teams are strong on the set pieces and in the aerial game, it is impressive. At Sporting, we were almost always in control of the game because the opponents played more defensively, which allowed us to create more chances of goal. Here it is different, it’s a constant battle until the end.”

And the fact that Schelotto played has only 24 minutes for Brighton so far doesn’t seem to be a problem for him: “The goal is to set myself up as a starter, but you have to understand that I came from a difficult period, I didn’t have the preseason and that made me very late in preparation.

“I’m still at a disadvantage with my colleagues, trying to make up for time lost. Now I feel good, getting better and missing only having more minutes of game in competition. It’s only a matter of time before I get in the team. I’m very confident that my opportunity will arrive.”