Ok, Marca can accept that Rafa Mir has joined Wolves instead of Real Madrid’s second string, but they want to make sure everyone knows what happened: That it was all about money rather than the player’s choice or Valencia getting one over the Spanish champions.

On Monday the new Wolves player spoke to the Spanish media, with Mir explaining his side of what happened with a transfer, why he’s not signed for Real Madrid, and the situation regarding a Valencia renewal.

“Valencia only made me one renewal offer this summer. That they had been trying to renew with me for a year is a lie.

“They rejected three or four offers from Real Madrid for me; however, they agreed to the first from Wolves in December. Valencia did not want me to go to Madrid and they did it.

“I left Valencia because I wanted an ambitious project where I could grow and be trusted and there I did not see it.”

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Marca seem to be a little perturbed that Mir didn’t make it abundantly clear he moved to Wolves because their financial offer to Valencia was far higher.

The Spanish newspaper say the ‘reality’ is that Real Madrid had been interested for months, Mir had even been a guest at El Clasico, but they wouldn’t go beyond €500k.

Wolves quadrupled that offer to €2m, and that was that.

Marca will take the loss for Real Madrid and Spanish football, as long as everyone knows it was about money.