The Spanish media is full of articles relating to Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, much the same as it was on Tuesday.

That’s because Spurs face Barcelona this evening in the Champions League. There are so many angles for the Spanish media to cover when it comes to Tottenham that there’s clearly been an excitement around the press this week.

Marca have been fully involved and one of their Wednesday edition articles covers Harry Kane. It’s not transfer related, Real Madrid’s closest media haven’t really been going strong with that, largely due to the fear of Daniel Levy, but rather it’s about Kane versus Pique.

Gerard Pique isn’t in the best of form and now faces ‘one of the best strikers in the world’. Marca talk Kane up for their Spanish audience, to make it clear just what a hard night the Barcelona defender has ahead of him.

It’s explained that with Pique up against ‘Hurrikane’ he’s simply going to need a better performance than has been shown recently.

Whilst they state Kane isn’t ‘especially skilled or electric’, Marca tell their readers he uses everything he has to get goals. On top of that, it’s claimed the Spurs star lives like a monk, with the newspaper saying he doesn’t like to go out or drink alcohol.

They love Kane at Marca, if they thought there was any chance of Real Madrid getting him from Tottenham he’d be given a front page a week between now and next summer.