Spanish newspapers AS and Marca have been disagreeing with each other over Real Madrid interest in Paul Pogba.

On Monday, AS run with the line that Madrid are interested but have asked Juventus for patience because they need to raise money first… which contradicts earlier claims.

Over at Marca, they feel very differently. The Spanish newspaper have a feature explaining how transfer fees are rising in football, more so than ever before, and they believe Juventus could be at the middle of two huge deals before the window closes.

Juventus interest in Gonzalo Higuain is huge news in Italy, and Marca believe there’s a chance both deals could be completed ‘in the coming days’

Marca state: ‘The first is the expected sale of Paul Pogba… the growing disinterest of Real Madrid has opened the door to Manchester United.’

That’s the absolute opposite to the AS claims that Madrid interest is growing again, but requiring the patience of Juventus.