Tuesday’s edition of Marca has an article detailing all the lovely goals being scored in European leagues so far this season.

La Liga has enjoyed the second most goals per game, with an average of 2.76 per match. Surprisingly, perhaps, the league with the highest number of goals per match this campaign is Serie A, with 2.84 a game in Italy’s top flight.

The Premier League is in fourth place, behind France, notching up 2.47 a time, but Crystal Palace aren’t doing anything to help that, other than concede lots.

Marca point out that Crystal Palace are the only side in Europe’s major leagues not to score a goal.

The London’s club ‘achievement’ is ‘without comparison’ as even other clubs at the bottom of the table have managed to find the back of the net.

Benevento have no points but 2 goals in Serie A, whereas the bottom clubs in Spain, France and Germany have all picked up points, as well as scoring.

Crystal Palace are receiving coverage for their uniqueness, but not the way the club would have hoped.