Andre Gomes Marca July 21stMarca are hurting. Their favoured club Real Madrid aren’t signing Paul Pogba, and whilst Marca insist that’s totally Real Madrid’s choice, Pogba really wanted them, and they could afford him, it’s still clear it stings.

On Wednesday the newspaper put out an article saying Pogba was only going to Manchester United because Real Madrid were letting him, and Thursday’s front page says Raphael Varane has turned down Jose Mourinho, as if to poke the club back.

Marca’s new love is Andre Gomes, and the newspaper seem to be building a scenario which shows he’s turned down lots of other offers, probably more lucrative, to sign for Madrid.

One of the clubs named is Chelsea, and Marca claim Antonio Conte made a express request to Roman Abramovich that the player was bought. However, Gomes wants Madrid.

It’s not just Chelsea.

Barcelona, PSG and Juventus are all stated as having been interested… but Real Madrid are set to beat them all.

Puff that chest out Marca. Paul who?