At the start of the season, Boulaye Dia went through a big drama following his failed transfer to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

With Salernitana blocking his move to Wolves, the player rebelled against the Serie A side, and ended up being punished by them with a fine and suspension.

Dia now gave L’Equipe a big interview about his situation at the Italian club and it was a way for him to give his side of the story.

Salernitana never felt the need to stay quiet, and their officials gave many interviews about the suspension.

Now it’s time for the player to speak up.

There has been too much information, too many lies and I want to set the record straight. I also want to restore my image, people have the impression that I am someone who has problems. But I never had any problems. The club lied.”

“I never refused to come on. In the 80th minute, the coach asked me to go and warm up. I just gestured with my head, I really wasn’t thinking about going in because I hadn’t warmed up at all beforehand. He saw my gesture, he immediately said to me: ‘Sit down’ and he told another guy to go and warm up. Afterwards, we talked about it in the locker room. He told us it had to stay between us. Then, he unpacked everything at a press conference immediately afterwards. But I have never refused to enter, I even have witnesses, teammates, who are ready to testify.”

Regarding the money Salernitana demand from him, Dia didn’t mind giving all details about it.

“€20m in damages as well as a salary reduced by 50% until the end of the season. All without playing. Then now they want to find an arrangement to see me play again. They wanted to blame me and now they want mediation. The new coach would like to have me back so that I can help. He receives regular updates on the situation. More than once he showed me that he wanted to have me on the team. But we have no agreement.”

Still, the player didn’t rule out the possibility of playing for the Serie A side again.

“Of course! I’m under contract and I never wanted this situation. It’s the club… they threw everything out in the press. I spoke to the president, I couldn’t even explain myself, I was never asked for my version of the facts.”

Despite his final quotes, it seems obvious that Salernitana would let him go in case a good bid arrives. There haven’t been many rumours about Wolves still wanting him, but that could end up being a market opportunity at the end of the season.