Kostas Manolas Il Messaggero July 15thManchester United are pulled into the Kostas Manolas rumour by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero in their Friday edition.

Manolas has been on and off linked with several Premier League clubs, and because of the nature of the frequent claims it’s hard to see how concrete they are.

Il Messagero say Manchester United’s interest is firm, calling Manolas a ‘concrete objective’ of the club. Once again Chelsea and Arsenal are linked with the AS Roma player, as his current club fret over a new deal.

Manolas could earn far more money in English football, but Il Messaggero say Roma aren’t keen on a sale. If they were to sell him at any time up until August 31st then they would be contracted obliged to pay Manolas’ previous club Olympiacos 50%.

Therefore, AS Roma are going to want to avoid that situation happening and reject a deal at almost all costs. Perhaps the rumours are therefore misplaced, and this is all a song and dance leading up to a Manolas renewal.