At the rate things are going, the name Anel Ahmedhodzic is one football fans are likely to hear for years to come.

Currently at Malmö in Sweden, the Bosnia international has caught the eye of many clubs, such as Chelsea and Atalanta, with the latter coming extremely close to sign him in January.

The move never materialised, however, which has left the door open for other clubs, like Manchester United, to reportedly try their luck.

We say this with some doubt because the report we have found, and which has already started to do the rounds in Europe, doesn’t appear to have a clear source.

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The earliest iteration of it appears to be from French website Jeunes Footeux, who explain that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are looking to make a €13m bid for the centre-back, which is an area they really do need help at.

It’s stated the Red Devils are ‘visibly disposed’ to put the money on the table, and want to take advantage of the situation left by the failed move to Atalanta.

The problem here is that Jeunes Footeux tend to make it clear when they have information of their own, but they don’t in this article.

We’ve had a look around and we can’t find an earlier mention of this story, but it’s already been picked up both in Sweden and Bosnia, because that’s what happens when Manchester United are linked with players.

So, just in case you see it elsewhere, take it with a pinch of salt for now until something more concrete comes along.