Another day, and more Paul Pogba claims without anything really changing. For over a week now, everything seems to have been up in the air, and whilst there are lots of claims of Manchester Untied advancing with a deal, there doesn’t appear to have been any actual progress over the past few days.

Pogba himself is on holiday, which may well play a big part in the situation. The midfielder’s extended break due to France lasting until the end of Euro 2016, can only serve to provide a frustration to those wanting a transfer. Any move is very much dependent on what the player wants, and right now it appears he wants a break.

Spanish newspaper AS have Pogba on their Monday front page, and they say Real Madrid have asked for more time. It’s stated the club are still interested in signing Pogba, but that Madrid would need to raise money from a big sale first.

That slightly contradicts their earlier claims that Madrid wouldn’t pay the high prices being quoted, rather than couldn’t pay the high prices being quoted.

However, time is running out. Manchester United are said by AS to be ‘on the verge’ of completing a deal to sign Pogba, with things ‘almost done’.

Of course AS say Pogba’s dream is to play for Real Madrid, but then the Madrid press feel that’s the dream of every player.