This morning, we covered stories from Italian newspapers saying it should be ‘Sanchez’s day’, as Manchester United and Inter Milan could finally find an agreement for his transfer.

However, the updates are not very positive about a deal. Calcio Mercato now reports that whilst the talks have happened, they didn’t have a positive outcome.

They say Manchester United want to split Sanchez’s €12m salary equally, while the Nerazzurri only wish to spend €5m.

So the talks must continue, as the clubs keep trying to find common-ground and confirm the move. Just like all other reports from Italy, they say the Chilean international should move on a loan deal with a buying option of €15m.

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This morning, the English press has also claimed that Manchester United are waiting to see how serious Anthony Martial’s latest injury is, and the club may give up on selling Sanchez.

Calcio Mercato, however, refers to the claims as ‘unconfirmed’.