Last week, Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo spoke to the Argentine media and said he should be staying in his home country for a longer.

He claimed that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer didn’t want to take him to England for the end of the season, given he’s not eligible, and authorised him to train with Estudiantes for now.

The La Plata side were confident of agreeing a new loan deal with Manchester United, as they wanted Rojo to stay for at least six more months. According to El Dia, they received some bad news at the weekend.

It’s claimed the Red Devils told Rojo he should return to Manchester. This wasn’t expected by the player, his agents or Estudiantes.

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Rojo was supposed to be tested for Covid-19 along with all other Estudiantes players who are about to get back to training at the club.

Now it’s said the defender will fly to England ‘soon’, and a new loan from Manchester United is seen as something ‘very hard’ to achieve. As the current rules dictate, Rojo will have to self-isolate for fourteen days on his return to the UK.