Spanish newspaper Sport have a big Neymar to Manchester United splash on their Monday front page. That’s no surprise, Sport frequently run big Neymar transfer claims, and Manchester United are often in the thick of it.

What is surprising is that a Catalan newspaper is running such a big story via an English journalist. Rik Sharma has worked for The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror, and has now landed this scoop for Sport.

The claims are that Manchester United are crazy about Neymar and have been in contact regarding a transfer, something confirmed on occasion by the player’s group of representatives.

Jose Mourinho is said to be making regular telephone calls to Neymar to convince the player that a move to Manchester United would benefit him. To convince Barcelona, the article says Manchester United would simply pay Neymar’s €200m buyout clause.

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In July 2016 Sport reported that Neymar’s clause had increased to €200m with his renewal, but would increase every year of his contract.

At the time Sport said for the first year it would be €200m and for the second €222m, the latter figure was for ‘season 2017/2018’. With Barcelona surely having the cut-off date benefitting them, it would be assumed the higher figure will kick in soon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 09.14.27Nevertheless, Manchester United will press ahead and also offer Neymar €25m per year, after tax.

The Premier League club are said to have ‘promised’ Neymar that in the summer they’ll ‘knock on the door of Barcelona’ and pay his clause, let’s hope they know what it is.

To close the article up Sport pour a whole heap of doubt on the potential transfer, because Barcelona are much better sportingly than Manchester United at the moment, and Neymar is very happy where he is.