For the past couple of days, the Argentine sports media couldn’t stop talking about Boca Juniors’ chances of signing Edinson Cavani.

Newspaper Olé was the one who broke the news, saying the Manchester United player had made a promise he’d sign for the Buenos Aires side once he decides to return to South America.

Even though that was only expected to happen in the far future, the outlet claimed the player could leave the Red Devils this summer, which made the story a lot bigger.

Now as Olé continues feeding the rumours, they’ve managed to interview Boca Juniors legend Ariel Krasouski, who’s also Uruguayan, and had good things to say about Cavani.

“I heard statements from Cavani saying that he wanted to play for Boca. He’d like to because he admires the institution, the club, the people. I have no doubts that in a few games he would be an idol at Boca Juniors. I have no doubts,” Krasouski told Olé.

“I can’t know if it will be now or later, but he has the wish.”

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“He works for the team. Maybe one day he doesn’t score a goal but he works a lot for the team. That’s why when he arrives at a place he identifies with the fans, because the fans like that in addition to playing well, he puts everything in for the team, that nothing is saved.

“Well, he’s Uruguayan… he has the fighting spirit and sacrifice of the Uruguayan player. That’s why everywhere he won the affection of the people.”

In an update from ESPN Argentina, it was claimed they claimed they still don’t believe Cavani would leave Manchester United for Boca Juniors in the summer, labelling it as ‘impossible’. They insist it’s more likely his arrival in Buenos Aires would happen in 2022 or 2023.