Around a couple of weeks ago, positive claims came from Germany on Manchester United’s expected pursuit of Jadon Sancho this summer.

The Premier League club were repeatedly linked with the Borussia Dortmund attacker a year ago, yet despite an awful lot of reports, it’s clear a transfer was never really close to happening.

Dortmund weren’t keen on a sale, and put a deadline in place which they insist they abided by. Given it would appear no club tried a serious effort after the deadline, that’s a theory which wasn’t really tested.

The recent reports from the German media stated Manchester United would like to get a deal done for Sancho before Euro 2020. That would have removed the possibility of a long saga, and be welcomed by nearly everyone connected with a potential move.

Ruhr Nachrichten now seem to walk that back a little. They have an article on Sancho’s future, and whilst it doesn’t mention Manchester United specifically, the Red Devils still seem the likeliest option.

According to the newspaper, which is local to BVB, Sancho would be much likelier to move after Euro 2020, rather than before. That’s due to the current football uncertainties, and probably the lack of time to actually get a transfer done.

Then, it’s thought if someone pays the fee of ‘not far below €100m’, Sancho would be the ‘domino’ to start transfer spending at the Bundesliga side.

Again, it’s worth noting they don’t expect this to be a quick thing, and it’s explained ‘patience’ is needed.