A few days ago Le10 Sport reported Christian Kabasele is close to extending his contract with Watford. It’s certainly not something they’d have plucked out of thin air, and it felt like claims which had come from someone close to the player.

Following on from that, and almost certainly from the same information source, Le10 reported this weekend about interest from Manchester United, Arsenal, Newcastle United and West Ham.

Manchester United of course lead the claims, being the most dramatic story slant, and it’s stated there’s been contacts with the player, which gives another clue over where this is all coming from.

The clubs are presented as being interested in a winter transfer, something Watford would almost certainly reject even if it were true.

In a battle against relegation, the Hornets are hardly going to be keen to sell.

This could all be something of an agent play, to pressure Watford into hurrying with that renewal.