Rumours have been bouncing around the French media that Adrien Rabiot could stay at PSG beyond the end of his contract.

It seemed a very unlikely development, given how sour his relationship with the club went. Stories seemed to be fed to the media to make the midfielder looks as bad as possible, and his camp fired back on more than one occasion.

The rumour likely started because sports director Antero Henrique, who played a big part in the squabble, is set to be replaced by Leonardo. However, RMC report there’s absolutely nothing in it, and a move to Manchester United ‘remains a possibility’ for the Frenchman.

His contract expires at the end of June when he’ll be able to sign as a free for whichever club he can come to an agreement with on personal terms.

Manchester United are the only club mentioned by RMC in their article today, although a long line of options have been reported over the past few months.