Jose Mourinho taking over at Tottenham Hotspur immediately saw claims from both the Spanish and English media that Gareth Bale could return to his former club.

The manager has said publicly how much he’s a fan of the player and would have liked to sign him for Manchester United. Given the drama over the ‘Wales. Golf. Madrid’ flag this week, and that it came around the same time Mourinho was finalising his Spurs contract, the rumour was just too tempting to leave alone.

Bale could go off to Tottenham and everyone would be happy.

However, Mundo Deportivo have it differently.

They believe Bale moving to Spurs is now less likely rather than more likely. The manager’s arrival ‘complicates’ the Welshman moving to the London, although they don’t explain their reasoning very well.

Therefore, for Mundo, ‘the Premier option’ (likely meaning Premier League) for Bale remains Manchester United.

A switch to Old Trafford seems pretty unlikely right now, at least in part due to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer preferring to look to the future, so Bale’s options aren’t looking great if Mundo are correct about Spurs slipping away.