Manchester United and Benfica have reportedly reached an agreement in principle for the transfer of the right-back Nelson Semedo. Well, that’s according to claims in Portugal.

According to Notícias ao Minuto, regardless that the market has closed, the two  clubs are lining up a deal to take place in the summer window.

Manchester United would be ready to pay £35m for the right-back in the summer. As Nelson Semedo is the Benfica player with most appearances this season, president Luis Filipe Vieira didn’t want to let him go during the title race.

Notícias Ao Minuto isn’t an outlet with frequent exclusives, and have been proven right a few times during the past year.

An interesting thing in this article is they mention the value in British pounds and they convert it to Euros, saying it would be around €41m.

Portuguese newspapers always take their clubs demands to set the figures, so it’s always a rounded number in Euros. In this case, this should mean the conversations are either real or the sources are coming from the buying side.

As the links between Manchester United and Semedo have been reported for a while, this is just another case where we have to wait and see.