Earlier on Thursday we covered L’Equipe’s Thursday morning take on Mauricio Pochettino and his future, or lack of it, at PSG.

Wednesday evening saw the Ligue 1 side go out of the Champions League, after Karim Benzema dragged his Real Madrid side from behind to victory.

L’Equipe’s stance was that PSG’s manager looks like he’ll be off at the end of the season, and that a return to the Premier League or La Liga would be something of a ‘relief’ for him, given the manager hasn’t fully enjoyed his time in Paris.

RMC push Manchester United and Real Madrid forward as the options for Pochettino, but given Carlo Ancelotti currently looks pretty secure, at least for a Los Blancos boss, the route to Old Trafford is far likelier.

According to RMC, the manager leaving is pretty certain, and it appears there’s been a bad feeling since Pochettino let himself be linked with Manchester United after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer left the club.

There wasn’t a great effort from the Argentine to quickly kill the rumours, and that left a bad taste. So, should Manchester United choose Pochettino as their managerial future beyond the era of Ralf Rangnick, then it looks like they have a clear road to appointing him.