Sunday’s edition of Sport had Robert Lewandowski on the front cover, and again covers a potential move to Barcelona this summer.

To cut their long story short, it would appear the striker’s camp and Barcelona have been flirting with each other ahead of a potential move in the summer.

Bayern Munich would of course have a lot to say about any potential move, and Sport say developments over the next week or so will be key.

Inside, Sport have a smaller article on Manchester United interest.

They explain the Old Trafford club are looking for a ‘top-level’ striker signing in the summer, and attempts for Erling Haaland and Harry Kane seem doomed to fail.

That’s where the Bayern Munich player comes in. Sport claim Manchester United are ‘on the prowl’ for the player, and have contacted his camp to make their interest known.

The club are said to be paying close attention to any renewal negotiations between Lewandowski and Bayern, with his current deal expiring in 2023.

Manchester United will lose Edinson Cavani in the summer, but if they keep Cristiano Ronaldo it may make more sense for any striker signing to be a player who can build for the future, rather than a 33-year-old.