This morning, we’ve shown how busy the Argentine media has been with so many stories on Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo.

There’s nearly a consensus that the player is close to joining Boca Juniors, even though reports continue saying there are other clubs in the race.

One of them is River Plate, with a report from Monday night saying manager Marcelo Gallardo has recently contacted Rojo, who was ‘delighted’ with the chat they had.

But these claims are turned down by TNT journalist Hernán Castillo. Clearly responding to the rumours on Twitter, he said: “Rojo is everything that Marcelo Gallardo denies in terms of professionalism. Period. Okay? Thank you.”

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Marcos Rojo had also been linked to Estudiantes, and a little controversy now makes it look like he’s not returning to his old club either.

It all started with a couple of posts from club president Juan Serbastian Veron on Instagram. The former Manchester United midfielder posted a picture with his father and a couple of sentences which went as follows (via TyC Sports).

“The challenge of returning, of wanting to make history, not of wanting to be one more… That’s what my old man taught me. Always choose Estudiantes without conditions, with successes and errors, but always Estudiantes de La Plata ahead. The rest is history… will remain history.

“Estudiantes de La Plata always first. Always giving, with mistakes and successes, but always putting the club above all else.”

With many club fans wondering if that was a message for Marcos Rojo, Veron denied the claims, but also left a hint that the defender should be going somewhere else.

“I made a post on Instagram and speculation started that I hit someone. I repeat, I do not hit anyone. If I have to say something, and in fact I always did, I call him and tell him. The reality is that right now we all want to have the former players who are hanging around the club. It seems to me that the main thing is respect. You have to respect personal decisions, which are family, sports and economic. 

“We can’t force anyone to come back. That’s the first thing. It seems to me that the decisions are respected, beyond that, obviously, it can hurt us as fans because we’d like to have them at home. That said, the publications go to a conversation I had with my old man.”