Last week, we covered some quotes from Andreas Pereira talking to Esporte Interativo about his future.

The Manchester United player, who’s a Santos fan, revealed he’s spoken to the Brazilian club president about a move, although he prefers to stay in Europe for a longer time until playing in South America.

Now Esporte Interativo has published the full interview, which focuses on the Champions League match against Paris Saint Germain, to be played at Old Trafford this Tuesday night.

“We’re doing great, we’re playing well,” Andreas Pereira told Esporte Interativo. “If we play at home with the joy of the fans, with this support, I think we can try to risk a little more at home to make a good result and maybe hold later. But everything will depend on the first game.”

Regarding Neymar’s absence, Pereira said: “Of course, as a friend, I would never wish him anything like that. But we have to take advantage of that too.”

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Pereira, whose contract is expiring at the end of the season, didn’t talk about a Manchester United renewal. But Esporte Interativo’s story made it clear that the club want him to have a new deal, while he waits to see if he’ll get enough chances,

The player also had a word to say about the change of managers from José Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: “It was amazing. We seem to be playing with 10kg less than on our backs, in training.”