Corriere dello Sport believe Chris Smalling is very close to becoming an AS Roma player on a long term basis, and that the rough details of a deal are being agreed.

In their Sunday edition, the Italian newspaper states the defender is ‘one step away’ from a transfer which would become a permanent deal. The outlines of the transfer would see Smalling leave Manchester United on loan again for a season, with Roma paying €3m for that period, they would then be obliged to make the move permanent in summer 2021.

As for the transfer fee, that ‘dances’ between €12m and €15m, with agreement likely to be found somewhere in the middle.

Corriere dello Sport believe it’s a financially risky transfer for Roma. Smalling is 30 years of age, and there’s not a good chance of any sell-on further down the line. Despite that, the club are eager to buy the Manchester United player because they feel his sporting contribution outweighs the worry over the finances.

Roma’s CEO Guido Fienga has personally spoken with the Premier League club about this offer, and that’s what has seen things take a step forward. The transfer is described as being ‘close to confirmation’.

Smalling is said to have spoken with Gareth Southgate, who convinced him that staying at Roma would be good for his England prospects.