Portuguese giants Benfica are reportedly afraid that top European clubs could sign a 15-year-old from the club for free next year.

As reported by newspaper Record today, Ronaldo Camará has been impressing for the Eagles’ youth ranks, but still can’t sign a professional contract due to his age.

His performances are said to be attracting the interest from several sides, especially Barcelona and Manchester United, who have been more ‘intense’ when scouting his matches for the local league and the UEFA Youth League.

Chelsea and Manchester City are also pointed out as potential threats for Benfica, although it’s really Barça and Manchester United who concern the Eagles most.

Camará turns 16 in January, and that’s when he’ll be able to sign a professional deal. If he signs for some other club, all Benfica would get would be from the training compensation.

Record points out that a player who’s between 16 and 18 can only make such move for a country from the European Union or the European Economic Area. So with the UK currently sorting the Brexit and putting their stay in the EEA in doubt, maybe this kind of transfer won’t be possible in the future.