Italian newspaper Tuttosport today has one of their big stories about Juventus’ will to sign Paul Pogba from Manchester United.

The news about this case mostly come from the English media, who’ve been saying the midfielder could be out in the summer, and also from Mino Raiola, who’s been speaking to the Dutch press.

But they say Juventus don’t need the Manchester Evening News to know what’s going on with Pogba. It’s claimed that half the people at the club have his number, and his wish to return isn’t a surprise.

The issue, as always, is the money he’d cost. But things are getting better now, since Manchester United know it wouldn’t be easy to get back the €125m (Tuttosport’s figure) they’ve previously spent.

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With Bruno Fernandes signed and Pogba creating problems, it’s claimed that the Frenchman’s price is dropping, and now something between €90m and €100m could end up convincing the Red Devils. The only thing that could raise this price would be an auction between Juventus and Real Madrid.

But the Old Lady are concerned about his salary as well. In case of a five-year contract, they would have to spend up to €150m in wages. That would be even more than the cost of the move, and the total cost to have Pogba for this period could get up to €250m.