Marcos Rojo’s situation is still to be sorted out, and Argentine newspaper Olé comes up with the latest developments today.

As the defender’s loan from Manchester United expires this week, Estudiantes have been working to find a new deal and keep the player for longer.

Despite being initially angry at the 30-year-old after seeing him breaking quarantine, club president Juan Sebastian Verón is said to now be focused on finding an agreement, and told Rojo’s agent Kristian Bereit to go and talk to Manchester United.

But Olé says the Premier League side were even angrier Estudiantes, having seen the player ignoring lockdown rules. That’s why the club put a price tag of US$12m on him, as they want to ‘recover part of what was invested’.

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Estudiantes can’t afford that price, and that’s why they hope that both Rojo and his agent can help ‘unlock the operation’.

Since the Argentine side can’t just sit and wait for Manchester United’s goodwill, they’re also preparing a bid for the defender.

It’s explained that the player is becoming a father soon and wants to stay in Argentina, so from all parties involved, it’s only the Red Devils who need to be convinced.