Sevilla on Monday released an official statement to confirm Samir Nasri has damaged his left hamstring. Whilst the Spanish club said further tests were needed to check the extent of the damage and determine the player’s time out, Estadio Deportivo have their own slant.

The Seville newspaper believe Nasri could be missing for 5 matches. Those are very important matches for Sevilla, against the likes of Dinamo Zagreb, Barcelona, Deportivo La Coruna, Juventus and Valencia.

It may well serve Sevilla right. Nasri has felt repeated tweaks on his hamstring almost since arriving at the club. He’s been focred off the pitch early in matches, and yet Sevilla have always rushed him back, given his importance to the team.

Something was going to give sooner or later, and it’s been Nasri’s left hamstring. It may well be a good thing, it doesn’t sound like a serious injury and will enable the Frenchman to have a rest.

It will also be a lesson to Sevilla that when you repeatedly gamble with a hamstring, you’ll eventually lose, especially if the hamstring belongs to Samir Nasri.