With no football to dissect, the Italian newspapers have turned their eyes towards the summer transfer window, which means the return of some big stories.

One of the likely more popular ones in the upcoming months will be the future of Sandro Tonali, who has taken to Serie A football like a duck to water following Brescia’s promotion last season.

His performances in the Italian league have caught the eyes of many, leading to many links being made in the papers to big clubs, like Manchester City.

We’ve already covered a few, which makes Corriere dello Sport’s assessment of the situation quite believable.

A number of big Italian sides are circling around Tonali, but there are a few abroad too, with the newspaper stating the interest from Pep Guardiola and Manchester City ‘isn’t a secret’, much like Paris Saint-Germain’s ‘manoeuvres’ to try and beat the competition.

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There isn’t much more detail other than the fact Brescia had fixed an initial price of €50m, but were ‘confident’ that a ‘bidding war’ was going to break out between the interested parties, increasing that price.

However, with the break in football because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s the possibility of prices dropping a bit, and with Brescia bottom of the Serie A table, there’s also the risk of them getting relegated if the decision is to end the season with the tables as they are.

Either way, Corriere believe it ‘appears certain’ that Tonali will ‘make the leap’ to a bigger club next season; it just remains to be seen whether it’s to an Italian one or to somewhere else in Europe, like Manchester City.