Brazilian website UOL continues doing a great job covering Manchester City, especially after hiring a journalist just to follow the club.

Today, they bring a very interesting story about Pep Guardiola’s most trusted man, who’s one of those responsible for the club’s success this season.

Manel Estiarte was a hugely successful polo player, repeatedly named the best in his profession and with bag full of medals to match. But his silent job at Manchester City seems to be pretty important too, with the focus on his relationship with the players.

UOL’s story says Pep Guardiola is rarely seen in Manchester City’s dressing room (presumably they’re referring to training), but it’s quite the opposite with Manel. The assistant knows each player very well, and that’s why he’s known as a ‘dressing room monster’, in a good way.

Goalkeeper Ederson had a few words with UOL about him, and said: “We respect the story he has and everything he has achieved. He has our love and respect and is an inspiration for us.”

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The arrival of another Brazilian has reportedly pleased Manel, and that’s Gabriel Jesus. The striker’s behaviour and the joy he’s added to the group is something the assistant is very happy with.

But Manel also has control over everything that goes through to the players, including interview requests and marketing actions. UOL claims it’s him who decides if the club’s moment is good or not for the stars to be on television. A source told them that “access to athletes has never been so restricted.”

UOL says Manel is the only staff member who doesn’t wear a Manchester City kit, as he prefers his elegant suits. But those who watch the games next to him are those who take all his anger when things go wrong.

“Whoever sits next to him suffers. By not being allowed to attract attention with upset reactions, he often wreaks the desire for victory in whoever is by his side, with kicks and pinches out of the reach of the cameras.”

Sources told UOL “There would be no Pep without Manel… in Barcelona, it was said that Manel protected Pep from himself.”

A lesser known, but big, at least according to UOL, influence at Manchester City.