Manchester City’s pursuit for Internacional striker Yuri Alberto continues to be backed up by different sources in the Brazilian media.

This story first started this week with the European press reporting it, and was sustained by journalist Juliano Machado, who said agent André Cury confirmed the approached for his client.

Now we get to see two new sources with similar reports.

One of them is Radio Grenal, who also claims to have checked the contacts with the representative.

Meanwhile, outlet Esporte News Mundo brings a little more information about that.

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They also say that Manchester City are one of the clubs who ‘consulted’ the player’s staff in the past few days. However, there are no formal offers and no negotiations underway, as the approach is seen as something ‘normal’.

With several reports now talking about Manchester City’s interest, there’s now of course some curiosity about how much could Inter make with Yuri Alberto’s sale, and outlet UOL features a good piece about it today.

They claim that the club’s board expect to make €20m with the transfer. They’d get 70% of that amount, while 10% would go to his former club Santos and the other belongs to him and his staff.

Despite being only 20, Yuri Alberto is one of the top scorers in the Brazilian League with 11 goals so far.