Manchester City, along with their neighbours at United, have been continually linked with Nuno Mendes over the past few months.

The left-back is considered one of the best European prospects in his position and has been linked with nearly all the biggest clubs in Europe. Pep Guardiola’s side have likely been the subject of the most claims, with there being an insistence the 19-year-old has fans in the hierarchy of the Premier League champions.

A major stumbling block when it comes to the Sporting player is that Manchester City don’t really need him. They value his potential and feel he could be a superstar of the future, yet adding a left-back is not an immediate area of need unless there’s exits this summer.

A Bola report Manchester City haven’t ‘let go’ of the potential signing, and he’s still on their list of possible recruits. That said, there’s now a growing realisation at Sporting that they probably won’t get the €50m+ they’re looking for this summer, and a transfer is likelier in a future transfer window.

Sporting believe that could be January, although, unless there’s a serious injury at City, signing a left-back for €50m even then seems a little extravagant.