Despite being in great form, Manchester City find themselves in a situation where they can be linked to a long list of defenders.

This weekend, a new list of potential targets came up from the English press, and it included Benfica’s Ruben Dias.

The Portuguese media of course covers these rumours today, although it’s only newspaper Record who talks about the possibility of a move.

The outlet claims Benfica are not interested in selling Ruben Dias, and would only do it for the price of his release clause, which currently stands at €60m.

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They say the Eagles’ intention is to renew Ruben Dias’ contract, increasing the release clause. But it’s not made clear how the negotiations for a new deal stand.

Benfica believe there could soon be some big competition for the defender, since he’s been linked to the likes of Atletico Madrid and Manchester United over the past year.

Manchester City didn’t send a scout to Benfica’s match at the weekend, and if they are interested, they’d want to move before the price goes higher than the €60m clause.