Earlier today, we covered a story from Chilean newspaper El Mercurio which said that Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo should take longer than expected until he plays again.

The outlet’s sources have said that the player had an infection in stitches from the Achilles surgery, and would only be ready to play again in the summer.

The newspaper even heard some people who said the story was a lie, but still, it did make some noise in the Chilean media.

Manchester City, however, claim that nothing is wrong with the goalkeeper. Chilean outlet La Cuarta have contacted the Premier League club to know more about Bravo’s situation, and got a long response saying his recovery is going just fine.

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“We are able to confirm that the rehabilitation of Claudio Bravo is in accordance with what was expected. There is no infection or worsening of his injury. The player is fine, we are in permanent contact with him and he’s not told us about any problems he’s had in recent days,” says the statement.

“Everything is happening according to the deadlines we set for recovery. Claudio is in Chile on vacation, since last Christmas. According to our calendar, the player should return to Europe next week to continue the rehabilitation. The only thing that remains to see is whether he will first come to Manchester or travel directly to Barcelona, where he will be controlled by Dr. Ramón Cugat. According to our data, the goalkeeper could be recovered for the next Copa America.”

So we can now bet that the next big story in Chile will be about Bravo’s chances of playing the Copa America. The goalkeeper is still to be called up by the new manager Reinaldo Rueda, and people close to him told El Mercurio that the injury news were made up just so there would be a reason for him not to be called up.