Manchester City star Sergio Aguero has always spoken about his love for Independiente and his wish to return to the club one day.

Now it seems there’s one more reason for him to join the Argentine side again, since his brother is now playing for them.

Mauricio del Castillo, who doesn’t use the surname Aguero, made his debut for Independiente this weekend, at the age of 24.

The midfielder says he got a message from his brother congratulating him after the game. So he took the chance to invite him to join him at the club on live TV.

“He wrote to me. Congratulations and I don’t know what. Enjoy this moment. That it is not easy to get to a big club like Independiente. I can’t copy anything from him,” del Castillo told Paso a Paso (via Olé).

“That’s it, let him come and play for six months. It would be nice if he could share the pitch and training.”

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Olé writes that del Castillo was so nervous during his debut that he ended up stumbling and falling over in his first play in the game.

“I wanted to go faster than the ball. Things that happen, anxiety and nerves play against you.”

Among the promises that Aguero made about his return to Independiente, he couldn’t fulfil the main one, as he said he’d return there in 2019.

Olé points out that his contract with Manchester City expires at the end of the season, but it’s quite unlikely he’d return to Argentina at this stage.