For the first time in his career, Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero has given an interview to a former teammate. The player spoke to Sport TV on Monday, and the channel used the former Portuguese player Simão Sabrossa as a reporter.

Aguero and Sabrossa played together at Atletico Madrid from 2007 to 2011, where they won the Europa League and a UEFA Supercup.

CapturarThe interview, which was also published by Record, didn’t have much about Manchester City. The former teammates have mostly talked about Atletico Madrid, and Aguero ended up being much questioned about Lionel Messi as well.

Kun was asked about the first contacts between him and the Barcelona star, and said: “I met him at the U17 national team. When I saw him for the first time, I didn’t know who he was. Messi was already playing for Barcelona, was coming in from the bench, and our first talks were about… boots. I didn’t know him, so I asked what his name was. He told me it was Lionel… I thought it was a nickname, I wasn’t linking to who he truly was.

“Then we became friends and now we have a close relationship. Out of the pitch, Messi is calm, a normal person, humble… similar to me, but I’m better!” (laughs).

“As time went by, he lost some shyness. He’s more outgoing now.”

Aguero also talked about his son. The player’s ex-wife is the daughter of Diego Maradona, which obviously puts a bit of pressure on the child’s potential football career: “He’s seven years old already. Benjamín lives with his mother, he doesn’t come here so often now but he’s happy. He’s big. He’s in that phase when he always wants to play PlayStation. One year ago he was calm playing with toys, he hasn’t always cared about the ball.

“He looks like a player but is too young. He’s training at the school, but let’s see. I have a good relationship with Diego. I don’t speak to him much now because of my situation, but I have no problems.”

The player has even denied an internet myth: “Many say Messi is the godfather of my son, but no! It’s a childhood friend from Argentina.”

Questioned if he speaks English after all these years in Manchester, Aguero says: “A little. I understand it well, but during these years, I’ve had many Spanish teammates and we get used to speak Spanish.”

Aguero has had Spanish speaking managers too at Manchester City but it would be no surprise if Pep Guardiola tries to get some more English out of the striker.