Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson had a long chatthis week with TNT Sports, and as the Premier League side have just released a documentary on his career, it was a nice time to speak about his path to where he is now.

Among the many subjects, the 28-year-old talked about Pep Guardiola, the national team, his love for the Premier League, and even a player from Everton who’d he bring to the Etihad Stadium.

One of the questions was regarding his future and his commitment to Manchester City, and that’s when Ederson made it pretty clear he has no reasons to leave the club.

“No, here I’m very well,” Ederson told TNT Sports.

“Because my dream was always to play in the Premier League, so when interest arose I didn’t think twice, I already told my agent: I want to play in the Premier League. Even before I left Benfica, I said I only leave here to play in the Premier League.”

“So here I feel fulfilled today. As a person, as a professional, as a family guy I feel very fulfilled. I’m happy in the city, my family is happy, super adapted. My kids too, my kids love the school they go to. So I’m super adapted. I have no reason to think of any other place than City.”

Following the longer answers, reporter Fred Caldeira then made a few questions which would require just a short reply.

One of them was about a player from the national team who Ederson would like to bring to Manchester City, and his answer was Richarlison, who currently stars at Goodison Park for Everton under Rafa Benítez: “I’d bring the pigeon (the nickname for the Toffees forward). For the chats.”

Then the journalist started naming a few managers and players for him to describe in few words.

There was Richarlison again, and the goalkeeper used their friendship to have a little dig at the Toffees’ star.

“He’s a goof, a clown. There are many words I can put on him.”