It’s been over ten months since Gabriel Jesus joined Manchester City, but it seems the hype of his impact will not go away so soon.

The Brazilian wonderkid didn’t need any time to show his skills, and now with an unquestionable place in the starting team, he’s been proving he’s the real deal for both club and country.

And the player’s fantastic form can be confirmed by numbers, because as reported by UOL today, it’s been almost an year since his last defeat, whether it be for Palmeiras, Brazil or Manchester City.

The last time Gabriel Jesus left the pitch with a loss was on October 29th 2016, when Palmeiras lost an away game to Santos in the Brazilian league. Since then, he doesn’t know the feeling of a negative score.

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Speaking to UOL, the player said: “I didn’t remember that. It’s been a while, huh?”

Manchester City mustn’t lose against Stoke City, Napoli, Burnley and Wolverhampton so Jesus can complete an year unbeaten.

UOL also reports that Pep Guardiola’s staff has been very pleased with Gabriel Jesus’ professionalism, especially for being his first experience away from home. The manager would also be impressed with the player’s dedication to the team, including the defensive work.

“I’m going to run and give everything respecting the coach’s decisions. I’ve always been like this and will continue to do this,” says the player.