While he does a lot of things right on the football pitch, Pep Guardiola isn’t a stranger to putting his foot in his mouth off of it.

The Manchester City boss has found himself in hot water again this week after his attempts to defend Bernardo Silva.

The City star was charged with misconduct by the Football Association earlier this week over a tweet to teammate Benjamin Mendy.

Guardiola then moved to defend the Portugal midfielder, insisting that the thing wasn’t racist and merely a ‘joke’ between friends and teammates.

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That prompted reports in England that the FA were ‘aware’ of Guardiola’s comments as well, the insinuation being he could also face a sanction at some point.

Sport, however, say this is something that both Manchester City and Guardiola are unaware of.

They’ve been told, by a City source, that the club has not received any ‘statement’ from the FA about Guardiola’s comments.

Likewise, the newspaper says a source at the FA has claimed the whole case ‘will be resolved in a matter of days’ and make ‘no special mention’ of Guardiola’s comments, suggesting it is unlikely he will face a sanction.

Bernardo, however, is facing punishment. Sport confirms, via their Manchester City sources, that he sent a letter to the FA ‘showing his regret’ and ‘admitting his mistake’ in an attempt to reduce the potential punishment and he now has to wait and find out the extent of his sanction.