Grêmio and Manchester City continue to sort the final details for the move of Diego Rosa to the Premier League side.

The latest report from Globo Esporte says the Brazilian club are making some moves so they can take a maximum profit from the operation.

It’s said that Grêmio sent a letter to Diego Rosa’s former club Vitória claiming they’re triggering a clause which allows them to buy 20% more of the player. Now they shall have 70% of him.

The Southern club also tried to buy the remaining 30%, but Vitória know they’ll make more if getting an indirect part of the deal with Manchester City, so they’re not selling it now.

According to Globo Esporte, Pep Guardiola’s side are offering €10m for the midfielder. There are other bonuses which could make him more expensive, and one of them is about his successful registration in the Premier League.

It’s claimed that sorting the percentages are the ‘final steps’ of the negotiations, so the deal should soon be confirmed.