Let’s take it easy before saying that Manchester City are ‘ready’ to pay £40m to take Lucas Paquetá from Flamengo.

That’s the words we’ve read when the reports got to England tonight. They were first claimed in Brazil, more specifically in the +90 show, from Esporte Interativo.

First of all, it was never said that the Premier League champions are ‘ready’ to do it, or even ‘on the move’. That wasn’t claimed on the show, neither written or in their tweet.

Not making a big deal out of it, journalist Ricardo Martins said: “I receive information here from Flamengo. That begins to pop in England. That Manchester City can come to Brazil and pay the clause of Paquetá, something around 200 million reais.”

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So he received information from or of Flamengo (the word ‘do’, in Portuguese, doesn’t make it clear) about the some gossip that is ‘popping up’ in England. No direct sources, then.

We’re not here to say if it’s true or false, but we better hold ourselves before reporting that Manchester City are going to pay the release clause.

Esporte Interativo do some excellent job with correspondents, such as Marcelo Bechler breaking Neymar’s transfer to PSG, and Isabela Pagliari reporting Dani Alves’ injury. But their night shows aren’t as great.

Earlier today, reliable outlet UOL claimed that Lucas Paquetá’s agent has recently listened to offers from European giants in London. One of the strongest pretenders would be an English club.

That may mean Esporte Interativo’s information could be true, or maybe they’re just jumping on the bandwagon.

Paquetá is one of the most talented Brazilian players of his generation. After his teammate Vinícius Junior left to Real Madrid and Santos’ Rodrygo also seems close to doing the same, there’s no doubt the 20-year-old is the next one to be making a move to Europe.