Bild continue pushing their reasons for it now being unlikely Leroy Sane will swap Manchester City for Bayern Munich this summer.

For a while, the German approach to the potential transfer was very cocky indeed. Bayern spoke about it publicly, along with several of their players, and made it clear the plan was to convince Sane first and then move on to the Premier League champions.

They wouldn’t have been so open about it had there not been at least some optimism.

That slant has changed over the past week, with excuses, sorry, reasons being given.

On Monday, Bild decided to roll out their sexist side as they partly blamed Sane’s ‘glamour-friend’ for the likely transfer failure. The footballer’s long term partner, the mother of his child, was said to prefer staying in England, and this was after they’d earlier claimed she was in a power struggle with the City star’s mum.

It was all soap opera, and almost certainly based on gossip.

Today, they push money forward as Bayern’s excuse, with Sane waiting for ‘two mega-contracts’.

The 23 year old wants to become a ‘regular’ at Manchester City next season so he can cash in. Firstly, with a contract ending in June 2021, he’d get a new bumper one, and a big rise is also expected in his Adidas deal.

His interest in joining Bayern is ‘restrained’ this summer, because he feels he’s in a ‘weak negotiating position’.

What next, he’d miss the Trafford Centre too much and has just installed a new kitchen?

It’s hard for Bild to accept, but if Leroy Sane doesn’t want to sign for Bayern Munich, perhaps it’s actually down to football reasons and not any of the other things they’re using to protect the Bundesliga club’s feelings.