After spending two years away from the national team, Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo played again for Chile in a friendly match against Argentina last night.

Besides all the controversies with his teammates, there was also a little doubt about his fitness, since he’s recently returned from a serious achilles injury.

But Bravo played for 90 minutes, just like he did in the Community Shield for Manchester City last month. So when speaking to local journalists after the match, he assured them all he’ll be fine to keep featuring for La Roja.

“Total tranquility, I’m left with tremendous happiness of having carried out my injury, of having fulfilled my objective and demonstrating that I’m more effective than ever,” said Bravo (via ESPN).

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With Bravo leaving the team two years ago after arguing with teammates and the ANFP, there was a big expectation to see if he would ever recover his captain armband.

He now says this isn’t something he needs, and makes sure to claim he’s still a figure of big influence on the squad.

“I’m still a leader within the team, I’m still the one who talks more than everyone in the locker room or who shouts more or bothers more a teammate on the pitch. Not because I don’t wear a band I’m going to keep quiet or stop doing the things I always do (via ADN).”