Although Gabriel Jesus has joined the Brazilian national team squad as one of the most important pieces of the team, the local media continues to ask him about his poor form.

The fact that the striker had an impressive period in 2016 and 2017 makes it look like his career has fallen apart, even though he has 17 goals for Manchester City this season.

Gabriel Jesus has given a press conference on Tuesday, and when talking about his form, he claimed there should be no rush to take the place of an important star such as Sergio Aguero.

“I’ve talked a lot with my family and my friends,” said Jesus (via Globo Esporte). “I had a very good time in my career and life, I came and got things very fast, I stopped and I think it’s normal. I’m 21, I do not have to rush things. I’m looking for the starting spot against a guy who is the club’s top scorer. I was stopped for 10 days with an injury and in that final stretch I want to help my team to get achievements.

“Everything is solved and learned by talking. Sometimes they talk to me, it’s normal for a short four-year career. You have everything, conquest and stop. I have been growing a lot as a person and a professional, this is very important at my age. It’s time to evolve, yes. I have to look for this by listening to the elders, Pep when I’m at City and Tite when I come to the Seleção.”

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The fact that he didn’t score a single goal in the World Cup was also a topic in the press conference, and Jesus admits it has bothered him during the start of the season.

“Today it weighs nothing, but it was very difficult to assimilate. My family and friends have helped a lot. I do not live this moment today because of my poor form, but because of the great form of Aguero. When I play I help the team. After the World Cup I still thought a lot, it was my most difficult moment as a player. But I overcame, I worked, I conquered my space again. That shook me only at the beginning of the season, hasn’t shaken me for a long time.”

Regarding the competition with Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino, he says they’re pretty similar, and wishes him the best.

“In the game, when we do not get the ball, we bother and leave the box. We are alike in many things. I am big fan of Firmino, he has being playing very well, helped his club a lot and the national team, is a super good guy. I get along really well with him, I just do not root for him when he plays against City (laughs). I hope he makes a beautiful story in the Premier League, at Liverpool, and here at the national team.”