On one hand, Claudio Bravo facing Ederson in Chile’s World Cup qualifier is a wonderful motivation.

The Manchester City flop gets a chance to show, on a big stage, that he’s still an excellent goalkeeper and matches the Brazilian youngster. There’s even a little chance for revenge, if Chile can get a win over Brazil on Ederson’s debut, and Bravo would obviously play a big part in that.

Le Tercera, however, have taken the other hand, and present the match-up as a potential problem for Bravo, a negative situation.

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Manchester City’s second choice is being put in an ‘uncomfortable situation’, believe the Chilean newspaper, but they do say that if he somehow puts in a triumphal performance it could be the start of Bravo’s ‘rebound’, a career resurgence.

After that brief bout of optimism, it’s straight back to the glass half full stance for La Tercera, as they point out that when in these situations before (Playing for Chile against Germany with Ter Stegen in goal, and then again against the German for Man City), Bravo hasn’t come off well.

It’s stated Pep Guardiola will be watching the match and the goalkeepers closely.

Let’s all hope the Manchester City goalkeeper doesn’t read the article, or he may be in tears by lunchtime.