Despite moving to Manchester City in a €50m transfer from Monaco this summer, Bernardo Silva hasn’t been one of the standout stars of the club’s wonder season.

Maybe it’s because of that great form since the start of the season that the Portuguese midfielder hasn’t been able to impress enough to get a big sequence for Pep Guardiola’s side, and is being mostly used as a sub.

Bernardo now had a chance to make his fifth Premier League start on Wednesday against Newcastle United, and after the 1-0 win, he spoke to the Brazilian press about this squad rotation.

But he didn’t quite answer the reporter’s question, and just talked about how happy he is to be in such squad.

“It’s fantastic to be part of this group, and to be part of a team that wins so many games in a row and has been so successful so far,” Bernardo Silva told ESPN Brasil. “The atmosphere in this club at the moment is fantastic, and like I said, it’s great to be part of this team.”

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Regarding the 1-0 win, which broke a sequence where Manchester City won three games in a row scoring four goals in each match, Bernardo said: “Yes, we knew it would be a difficult game. We can’t always score four or five goals. We had a lot of chances, I think we started well, we did a good first half, we scored a goal, but we could have scored at least three or four.

“Then in the second half, I think we got in well too. Then in the last ten minutes of the game, they were a bit difficult, because they won a few fouls, and started to play a more direct game. But the important thing is to win, and three more points, regardless of being 1-0 or 3-0, we are very happy to be on the way of winning.”

He was also asked if he’ll spend New Year’s Eve more chilled because of the big advantage that Manchester City have in the table, but he’s still concerned about the next game.

“We still have a game before the New Year, so we still have a game on the 31st against Crystal Palace. Of course that’s a good difference. But in football everything is possible, we have to keep winning to keep the distance and not give a chance for our rivals to approach.”